Monday, 17 December 2012

Where are our priorities?

It is all too easy to seize the opportunity in a second, only to spend a lifetime regretting our decision!

Many times I've been advised to seize the opportunity and then decide how you're going to achieve it; the 'Say Yes' approach.  When I worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry I was often pressed to get it done now and sort out any problems later.

The biggest problem, as any of us who have witnessed the 'fall-out' from a wrong decision, is how much extra time and effort must be spent on rectifying the situation after it has happened.  In martial arts training we always used to say that whilst a technique takes 1000 times to perfect (or at least reach a high standard) it takes 1000 times more to correct a poor technique. In other words, it is better to learn or do it properly first time around.

Whilst we make decisions on the move every day and undoubtedly will make mistakes, isn't it better to apply some given thought before the event to make life easier for ourselves and others?

Stepping-out and taking risks does not mean switch off your brain.

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